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PHP Learning Collection 2011
මෙන්න මේව තියෙන්නේ

Wiley Wrox Expert PHP and MySQL
Sitepoint - Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP MySQL (4th Edition 2009)
PHP6 MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner
Wrox Biginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development
PHP6 fast and easy development
php6/MySQL programming for absolout biginner
Apress Pro PHP Patterns Frameworks Testing and More(2008)
Teach Yourself PHP In 10 Minutes
John Wiley Sons - MySQL PHP Database Applications (2nd Edition)
Programming PHP OReilly
PHP Object Oriented Solutions
php architects Guide to Programming with Zend Framework
Apress Practical Web 2 0 Applications with PHP (2007)
Beginning PHP and MySQL From Novice to Professional
Learning PHP & MySQL(2nd Edition) [O'Reilly2007]
PHP6 and MySQL5 for Dynamic WebSites
Apress Beginning PHP and MySQL (3rd Edition Mar 2008)
Apress Beginning PHP and MySQL E Commerce (2nd Edition Feb 2008)
PHP6 and MySQL 5
SitePoint The PHP Anthology VolumeI Foundations(2nd Edition)
Zend Framework in Action
For Dummies PHP and MySQL Web Development All in One Desk Reference For Dummies (Jan 2008)
OReilly Learning PHP and MySQL (2nd Edition Aug 2007)
Prentice Hall Core Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL
SitePoint, The PHP Anthology (2nd Edition 2007)
Wrox Press Professional PHP Programming
PHP by Example
OReilly Learning PHP and MySQL (Jun 2006)
Advanced PHP for Web Professionals (2002)
Sams Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9 (Sep 2007)
(2005)[PrenticeHall]Php5 Power Programming
(2005)[Wiley]Beginning Php5 Apache And Mysql WebDevelopment
(2004)[Wiley]Php5 For Dummies
(2006)[Wrox]Professional Lamp-Linux Apache Mysql & Php5 WebDevelopment
(2004)[Wiley]Php5 And Mysql Bible
(2004)[O'Reilly]Learning php5
Manning PHP in Action (Jun 2007)
Wrox Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP (Apr 2007)
The Definitive Guide to Symfony
Sams PHP And MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson
PHP Game Programming
PHP Programming With PEAR
FriendSoft Foundation PHP 5 for Flash (Mar 2005)
Friendsoft PHP Solutions Dynamic Web Design Made Easy
Peachpit Press PHP 5 Advanced (Mar 2007)
OReilly Learning PHP 5
OReilly PHP Cookbook (2nd Edition Aug 2006)
Programming PHP (2nd Edition) OReilly-2006
PHP Solutions Dynamic Web Design Made Easy
Apress Beginning Ajax with PHP From Novice to Professional (Oct 2006)
Php Developers Cookbook (2nd Edition) Sams
SitePoint The PHP Anthology VolumeII Aplications
Sams Teach Yourself PHP MySQL and Apache All in One (3rd Edition Jun 2006)
Wrox Professional Web APIs with PHP eBay Google Paypal Amazon FedEx plus Web Feeds (Jul 2006)
Smarty PHP Template Programming and Applications Packt (2006)
No Starch Press Object Oriented PHP Concepts Techniques and Code (Jun 2006)
premierpress php mysql programming for the absolute beginner
sams teach yourself php mysqland apache in 24 hours
OReilly-web database applications with php & mysql(2nd Edition)
prentice hall core php programming (3rd Edition)
OReilly Programming PHP (2nd Edition Apr 2006)
Pro PHP XML and Web Services Robert Richards Apress (2006)
Apress Beginning PHP and MySQL 5 From Novice to Professional (2nd Edition Jan 2006)
Premier Press PHP Professional Projects
PHP Hacks Jack Herrington O Reilly (2005)
Wiley Publishing PHP and MySQL Everyday Apps For Dummies
php architects Guide To PHP Design Patterns Jason E Sweat (July 2005)
SitePoint The PHP Anthology VolumeI Foundations
Learning PHP5
JohnWiley & Sons PHP5 For Dummies
JohnWiley & Sons PHP and MySQL for Dummies (2nd Edition)
johnwiley & sons mysql php database applications (2nd Edition)
Premier Press PHP Fast And Easy Web Development (2nd Edition)
PHP for the World Wide Web Visual Quick Start Guide
OReilly PHP Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)
MySQL and PHP Database Applications

password download here (http://www.mediafire.com/?u781scuy6q8w09t)
http://www.asef.org/ebooks/annualreport/2011/Images/pdf_download.jpg (http://oxava.net/dl/PHP_ebook_collection_Oxava.com.rar)
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